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Hope Starts Here


 To offer affordable services to the individual who have been denied social services due to high cost and insurance restrictions.


To ensure the highest standards of professionalism and respect for our clients. We understand that individuals make mistakes and deserve second chances.



Five Core Values

  • Respect

  • Empowerment

  • Professionalism

  • Empathy

  • Caring

    Memberships and Certifications

  • National Board for Certified Counselors   

  • Licensed Professional Counselors                                 

  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor                

  • Qualified Mental Health Professional                 

  • Licensed by DHS (SUPR) Substance Use Prevention and Recovery 

Meet Our Founder

Sonja A. Scott , our founder and CEO, experienced various struggles. After graduating from Kennedy King College with the highest honors, she  received a AAS degree in Addiction studies/mental Health. Her late Professor Ross encouraged her to always be greater than your own expectations.

Sonja continued her education at the National Louis University  by graduating with her bachelor’s degree in behavioral health and later with a master’s degree in Psychology. Since then, she has begun to believe that all things were possible. Sonja then transferred to the Adler University School of Psychology where she received a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology.

Sonja began to see how many families, children, youth , and adults have been affected by substance abuse and mental health disorders. She then opened S.A.C. DUI COUNSELING CENTER LLC, to provide affordable services so no individual should ever be turned away due to high cost and insurance restrictions. 

“Anyone can have a vision, but the vision is nothing without the footwork behind it.”

                                                                         Meeting ID # 609 408 0073

                                                                         Passcode: 171069

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